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Saturday, February 06, 2010


Some media traditionalists vilify bloggers for being lazy, unprofessional. These critics carp about everything from factual errors to typos. They say we need outlets like old-fashioned newspapers or the world will go to crap.

Oh ya?

Take a look at this headline from today's Press-Republican:

Huh. US troops were "ambused" in Afghanistan. How did that slip through? Someone was too lazy to run that headline through a spellchecker program that would've quickly flagged that typo. Such dumb mistakes happen too often at the PR, even though it's a "professional" media outlet.

Do I make stupid mistakes with spelling? Of course. That's why I run my posts through a spellchecker program, despite the fact I'm a blogger, not a "professional."

REVISED 2/26/10 to fix typo (changed thought to though in fourth paragraph). See comments.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The spellchecker doesn't always do the trick,e.g."Such dumb mistakes happen too often at the PR, even thought (sic) it's a "professional" media outlet."
Proofreading is also needed.
To be fair, very few errors get through on your blogs and I commend you for that.

7:55 AM  
Blogger Luke T. Bush said...


Good catch. My dumb typo has been fixed and is noted. Thanks.

Besides using a spellchecker, I also read over my posts before publication, looking for mistakes, but there's always the need for a second pair of eyes. One of most difficult tasks around is proofreading your own writing.

So I do try to minimize errors. But when it comes to a misspelling like "Ambused" in a headline, sorry, I can't let that pass. The PR has a staff of a few people; this blog only has me. And with spellchecking, no way that would "Ambused" get by. It's been automatically red-underlined as I type this comment.

12:20 AM  

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