Tuesday, March 01, 2022




In a previous post I shared a photo of broken furniture dumped in a handicap parking space that sat there for six days.  I also posted the image on a local Facebook page.  Someone asked me why I didn't remove the busted end table.  I said it wasn't my job, meaning the public works department was responsible.  After all why do you pay taxes?

I was attacked for my POV.   Even when I mentioned I have a bad back the trolls kept drawing verbal daggers.  If I'm going to throw my back out again I'll do it carrying groceries and camera equipment, not picking up after some lazy clown.  No one made nasty comments about the person who left his trash behind: I was the villain.

One person said I must be one of those self-centered people who didn't get vaccinated against Covid.  I've have two shots and the booster, fully immunized.  Prejudice, anyone?

With the photo accompanying this post someone would say: "If it bothers you that people with disabilities were being inconvenienced why didn't you make a citizen's arrest?"

This is an example of Plattsburgh Smart.  It's why I hate Plattsburgh so much.

Now someone will attack me for not moving away if I hate it here so much.  With Covid and my limited budget it's so easy for me to pack up and move.