Sunday, May 31, 2020

Loud But Peaceful

© 2020 Luke T. Bush


Tell me Black Lives Matter.”


Tell me blue lives murder.”


As the leader of the chant continued from her spot on the City Hall front steps people driving by honked their horns, quick repeated taps to show agreement. One driver slowed down and yelled at the rally group: “Fuck cops!”

While riots and looting have erupted in cities across the US this rally was loud but peaceful

On May 25th in Minneapolis, Minnesota a white cop kept pressing his knee on a black man pinned down on the pavement, an action that resulted in the death of George Floyd. During the protests that followed peaceful demonstrators were overshadowed by violent mobs. Property trashed and set on fire including police cars. All thanks to a thug wearing a policeman's uniform ignoring the pleas of a man who said he was dying. The other cops on the scene did nothing to intervene while citizens with smartphones recorded the needless death.

Due to the reckless disregard by a few cops some people regard all police officers as bad. Two rally signs expressed the belief that there is no need for any cops, a POV not necessarily embraced by other demonstrators. OK, abolish all police officers but what will replace them to keep law and order?

Joke from the 1960's: If you're in trouble call a hippie.