Thursday, March 21, 2019

Worm Super Moon Over Lake Champlain

Pink Super Moon Rising

Still too cold for earthworms to poke up though the ground.  They're still in suspended animation down inside the frozen terra firma.

Super Moonlight On Ice 

Super Moon Framed

Monday, March 18, 2019

Angry Asshole Harasses Writog

© 2019 Luke T. Bush 


Study the above photo.  What do you see? A clear shot of a car?

Around 12:40 PM today I was picking up a sandwich at a Clinton Street eatery for a friend who was working through lunchtime.  I noticed a light pattern in the street created by sunlight reflecting off windows.  Suddenly someone from an open second story window started shouting at me. 

"Stop taking photographs of my car!" Apparently he was referring to a car parked in the street, whatever one it was. 

I looked up and told him I wasn't photographing his car but instead light patterns in the street. 

He insisted: "You're photographing my car!"

I told him I could photograph anything in public view. 

While I waited for the order inside the eatery I noticed the angry idiot across the street staring at me.  He asked his roommate/friend to come to the window so he could point me out.  Then they disappeared inside. 

During my argument in the street I told the asshole if he had a problem then call the police.  The police never arrived. 

But I made sure to call the PD to file a report in case another incident should happen. 

Monday, March 11, 2019

The Light That Faded

© 2019 Luke T. Bush


For years I wondered about the black metal "octopus" standing on the roof over 39 Clinton Street. What was its function?  Some sort of ventilation piping?    An odd structure, a sphere with radiating curved arms 

By chance I came across a reference to the structure on Facebook.  Someone mentioned it had been a lighting array.

Checking a telephoto shot I could see white (ceramic?) sockets on all of the arms.

I asked Matt Boire of the Greater Adirondack Ghost And Tour Company if he had any details on the structure.  He explained that a hotel called The Arcade was housed in the same building.  Located on the corner of Clinton and Marion streets the hotel boasted in Plattsburgh City newspaper ads it was the only first-class hotel in northern New York State.

There was a first class restaurant on the first floor that featured fresh oysters, little neck clams, and partridges that could be washed down with a good bolt of O•borns Old 45 Whiskey.

Plattsburgh Daily Press -- 09/28/1897

Mr. A.P. Gauthier opened the hotel in 1899 and acted as proprietor until his death in 1907.  Various owners operated the business until it finally closed a decade later.

All that remains of those days is an odd rooftop structure that causes me to pause and wonder what it looked like with lit lightbulbs in the night.   Did  they just cast a bright white/yellow glow or did the lighting display ever go multi-colored?

A detail lost in the dim past.

Crow Crap Great For Car Paint


It's reassuring that Plattsburgh City is looking at banning plastic straws.  After all plastic straw litter is so disgusting and unhealthy.