Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Rebel Yell


© 2023 Luke T. Bush


In her right hand a compact mirrorless camera for video. In her left hand a microphone emblazoned with the logo RebelNews.

Her French Canadian accent tipped me off she was probably visiting from Quebec. The reason for her visit was to conduct interviews with locals about illegal migrants being bussed up to Plattsburgh City to later cross the Canadian border at Roxham Road in Champlain, NY. Nonprofit organizations like Catholic Charities paid for the bus tickets.

If these migrants tried to enter at a Canadian border station they would be turned away, returned to the US. But there’s a loophole: if they illegally cross at Roxham Road they aren’t sent back. They are arrested and processed, hoping to have a chance to win refugee status in Canada, escaping from problems in their home countries like persecution.

I was aware of the general situation but through the interview the RebelNews reporter I learned this was putting strain on Canadian services. I try to keep up with the news but with information overload...

I noticed a few details during the interview. I asked if she was recording and she said yes. Usually the best way to conduct such an interview is to ask permission or at least reveal the video is recording.

I asked twice if she had a business card. Each time she ran her hand over her backpack's exterior, a cursory search, saying she didn’t have any such cards.

She never asked my name. I forgot to ask for hers.  Would it have made a difference?

I inquired about RebelNews and she spoke in general terms, saying it was an independent news service in Canada. She did mention a website, .

So what was the story? Thanks to Google I was able to seek out details about her company. RebelNews is a far right online media service that critics have called anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim, anti-migrant.

With services like RebelNews it’s no wonder people say “No comment” to all journalists.

The encounter has provided me with the details to shout a warning to everyone who may encounter a dodgy RebelNew reporter.

I came across an interesting notice at the RebelNews website:

Add anti-reality to the list. Paranoid manipulation, anyone?