Friday, July 17, 2020

Sign Change

Apparently in response to criticism the sidewalk sign for outdoor seating has been changed.  The blue tape covers up the notice that bicycles should not be on the sidewalk but in the street bike lane -- which was nonsensical since the concrete barriers that section off the alfresco dining area block the lane.

Plattsburgh City Smart. [TM]

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Bike Lane? What Bike Lane!?

City Well To Reopen As Three-In-One Location

© 2020 Luke T. Bush


Renovations are underway at 30 City Hall Place to include two more businesses that will support each other during this time of concurrent pandemic and economic crises.

Previously the location operated as City Well, a spot for events and artwork displays. City Well will continue but will share the main space with Chapter One Coffee & Tea.

Co-owners Chris Rosenquest and Tracy Vicory-Rosenquest operated Chapter One at the Plattsburgh Public Library, its hours restricted by when the library was open. Tracy said they loved their experience at PPL but the new location will allow the cafe to be open longer hours, seven days a week. She said City Well events will sometimes overlap with her business.

The Z Group Real Estate is the third business to open at 30 Hall Place. Principal Broker and Owner, Zach Latinville, says information about his services can be found at

Tracy hopes Chapter One will open in the next week or so. The new location will feature outdoor seating that I've noted won't block the bike lane.