Monday, June 25, 2018

New Mural: The First Step

By Luke T. Bush


The first step was taken today with the latest endeavor by Outdoor Art: Plattsburgh Public Art Project.  A large wall area on Durkee Street was cleaned with high pressure water, being prepped for the S. Booker Tribute mural.  The mural will recreate one of the works by the late local artist: 4th of July.

UNDER PRESSURE - Artist Les Cosgrove uses a pressure cleaner to wet down and clean the brick wall area on Durkee Street for the new mural.  Les hopes the weather will cooperate so that the project will be completed by August. 

DYNAMIC DUO -  Artist Les Cosgrove gets a helping hand from her son Gabe with the pressure cleaner. 

THE 4TH OF JULY BY S. BOOKER, the basis for the new mural to be painted behind the Ashley Furniture building.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Enjoy Sudoku?


The popular numbers puzzle appears daily on page A2 of the Press-Reublican.  If you want to solve today's Sudoku you'll have to somehow pry up the movie theater ad covering 99% of the puzzle.  Who's paying attention to the layout?   Anyone?

(Click on image to enlarge.)

Monday, June 04, 2018

Podcast Discusses The Question of Selective Enforcement

A local podcast called Trashcast -- part of the burgeoning Trashburg Empire -- opened its first show talking about the controversy over Koffee Kat and NAMI-CV being forced to take down posters for a public event. Here is the link: 

One point I want to emphasize: the complaint came from "higher up" and the police officer who visited the Koffee Kat was doing his job even though he probably thought the situation was silly.  I still haven't learned who the "higher up" was. 

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