Saturday, February 03, 2024

Through Her Work Aimee Baker Honors Women Victims

Aimee Baker reads her essay to twenty-one attendees at Chapter One.


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As a true crime writer Aimee Baker investigates cases of missing and unidentified women. From her research Aimee authored a book of poetry honoring these victims, Doe, the collection winning the Akron Prize in Poetry.

In 1999 Aimee read a news story about a woman who fell out from a speeding car. She died two days later, remaining unidentified for 9 years. The question was whether the victim fled or was pushed from the car. From this article Aimee started to research other cases of unidentified women victims.

She spoke this evening at Chapter One Coffee & Tea. She shared her essay about her research into the murder of Jennie Hemmingway, 14, during the early 1900s in St. Albans, VT.

Besides being a writer and poet Aimee is the co-host of the podcast She Goes By Jane, [] the title referring to Jane Doe cases.


Aimee Baker responds during Q&A.