Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Lysol Is Spewing Again

By Luke T. Bush © 2022

[NOTE: This has been updated from a previous version to fix incorrect information.]


For the rare few out there not familiar with the product Lysol is a disinfectant packaged in a spray can. Its been around forever, even back to the dim past of telephones with handsets.

Back then one Lysol TV ad showed a woman talking on the phone when she coughs on the handset mouthpiece. What to do? Spray Lysol on it. After all someone might want to eat food off that mouthpiece.

In this age of COVID-19 Lysol has new TV commercial showing a woman spraying the aerosol disinfectant on a throw pillow. She seems to be on a spraying spree that probably includes her panties.

I bought a can of Lysol Spray the other day. A can lasts for years with me because I use it sparingly for the garbage can and the toilet. I don’t saturated furniture with it.

In many locations Lysol spray had been missing from store shelves, people buying it up from fear and panic. My purchase indicates no problems getting a can now. A cynic would say Lysol is using TV advertising to keep sales up.

In the TV commercial the voice-over states that Lysol can kill COVID. True but it can trigger reactions like skin irritation. And with my allergies I don't want to put my head down on a Lysol-saturated pillow. And if you're a pet lover note the Humane Society says disinfectants can cause problems for cats and dogs.

Most people don't read about the proper use of the Lysol spray in the directions on the can. There was a petition at change.org saying that Lysol should be washed off toys and other surfaces after doing its job.

There are articles online found through Google search that say COVID-19 doesn't spread so easily on surfaces, it's mainly transmitted though droplets and aerosol in the air, person to person. The CDC states unless there’s a suspected or confirmed case of COVID with an indoor location soap and detergent work well on surfaces if applied once a day. So you're wasting money applying Lysol spray to surfaces like doorknobs, counter tops, whatever, while adding more chemicals to your indoor man-made miasma.

I assume Lysol still works great on a phone mouthpiece. So enjoy your telephone Hostess Twinkie.