Monday, October 12, 2020

Challenged Again For Using A Camera

© 2020 Luke T. Bush

I'm walking down a sidewalk when I notice some tiny flowers at the base of a hedge. While taking a few shots someone interrupts me, stopping his car in the driveway next to me.

Stranger (sternly): “What are you doing?”

LTB: “I'm photographing flowers.”

Stranger: “For who?”

LTB: “For myself.”

Public sidewalk, hedge and flowers not on his property. So what's with the interrogation?

Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Artist's Tool: Cardboard

© 2020 Luke T. Bush

While working on the mural to commemorate astronaut Michael Anderson artist Brendon Palmer-Angell relies on a very important tool: a long piece of cardboard.

Creating an image with spray paint is tricky. Brendon explains that he has more control with a cardboard stencil, blocking an area as needed. Using this improvised tool made from clean trashcan scraps he can also feather the spray to provide more precise detail.

Moon & Mural

© 2020 Luke T. Bush

On February 1, 2003 the space shuttle Columbia was returning to earth when it disintegrated, killing all seven astronauts. One of the crew was Michael Anderson who was born in 1959 at the Plattsburgh Air Force Base. To commemorate his memory spray paint artist Brendon Palmer-Angell is creating a mural in downtown Plattsburgh City based on a photo of the astronaut.

What Do You Call A Camera With Four Propellers?


© 2020 Luke T. Bush


This morning drone-video hobbyist Sadie Stiles stopped by to document the work by Bredon Palmer-Angell on the Michael Anderson mural. Despite a sudden tense moment – a too-close encounter with a speeding flock of pigeons – she maneuvered her drone to show Brendon at various angles and distances.