Thursday, June 20, 2019

Nailed It

 "Hey, there's a good spot to nail a yard sale sign, that tree in Trinity Park facing Margaret Street. The nails shouldn't hurt the tree."

"Let's put our sign next to that one that's been there for over a month. We'll make sure to really tape it down. It won't look unseemly."

"As Plattsburgh City officials we are disturbed by the vandalism to the tree but the perpetrators left no clues. How can we ever find them?"

Remember when Koffee Kat was told it couldn't tape up signs around town to promote a NAMI-CV event?

Diminutive Diner

Sunday, June 09, 2019

The Denier


Another day, another peaceful demonstration in Trinity Park, Downtown Plattsburgh.  The event was organized by The Climate Reality Project, Northern Adirondack Region, NY Chapter to keep the public aware of the climate change threat.

The demonstration attracted the attention of a denier -- the man with his back to the camera -- who claimed that the Earth was an organism with a self-filtering system to handle any bad stuff.  I assume this system acts like a planetary liver.

The denier went on for twenty minutes.

Patience is a virtue.

Sunday, June 02, 2019

TRASHburgh Gets Graphic

By Luke T. Bush

Shannon Stott-Rigsbee prepares the sign for the TRASHburgh Comix launch party. 


TRASHburgh has invaded another medium: comic books.

Previous TRASHburgh projects include an online video series that take a wry (or more accurately awry) look at local news and events.

Tedium created the impetus for the comic.  Creators Matt Hall and Chris Stott-Rigsbee will attest six months of winter results in abysmal boredom.

To launch the first issue of TRASHburgh Comix -- # 0 -- a meet and greet was held Friday evening at the pop up space City Well at 30 City Hall Place.

The plan is to publish seasonally, the next issue to appear this fall.

The first printing sold out and more will be available later through .  For more info: .

Co-creators Dom Monett and Lydia Meises produced the lead story "The Crows"
based upon an actual situation during the winter: crows mobbing in trees and fecally carpet bombing downtown.

TRASHburgh Comix contributor Liz Allen discusses her art.

Chris Stott-Rigsbee gives an overview of his merch.