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Monday, February 15, 2010

One Of Three

I encountered two other splats like this one while walking around downtown Plattsburgh on Sunday, Valentine's Day. You don't have to look for them; they're scattered all over. Evidence of another weekend of excessive beer intake followed by extreme expulsion.

I wonder why not that many people, especially tourists, visit downtown on a Sunday. Maybe they're intimidated by the neatness and cleanliness, don't want to spoil the natural order and beauty.

Many years ago the city tried to promote downtown with a TV ad featuring what it had to offer. The ad wrapped up with some cheap-rent singers blaring: “Downtown Plattsburgh – Yours To Explore!” Again, taxpayer money well spent.

It's time to update that ad.

Downtown Plattsburgh. Yours to vomit on.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This past Sat. I walked downtown for a Doctor's appointment. WELCOME TO DOWNTOWN!!!! This is what greeted me........all the way down Brinkerhoff the continual sick smell of dog feces everywhere even smeared on sidewalk areas. Lower Brinkerhoff was the most disgusting. As I entered the Margaret St. area some store fronts and door areas were smeared with dried liquid matter which made me hesitate to touch any area.
As I left the appointment, I was faced with smeared fried-looking food and vomit all over the middle sidewalk area but it gets better. The Health Center next door appeared to be repairing or replacing their front windows....and as I exited the Dr.'s office one of the glass repairmen blew his nose out onto the sidewalk nearly in front of me and then he went on his merry way.......I was sickly disgusted. The return home found me facing more dog feces and filth. WELCOME TO DOWNTOWN Plattsburgh. Will the businesses down there ever SCREAM "we've had enough! We want change! We want a clean and vibrant downtown business area. We want customers! We will be part of that change!!! Will we ever see that???????? I for one am ready.

9:10 AM  

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