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Monday, February 01, 2010

Gallery Sews Up Space For Textile Artists

Textile. One usually associates that word with utilitarian items such as clothes and blankets. But don't forget art.

Fabric art -- quilts, collages, and weavings -- has its own place in the visual arts. Proof can be found at the Textile Gallery located in the second floor of the Plattsburgh Public Library. On display through April is a collection of quilts by various artists.

Sue Donohue and one of her quilts.

Textile Gallery Coordinator Sue Donohue welcomes submissions by local artists. To be eligible to display the artist is asked to join the PPL Friends of the Library. She adds that there is a limit how large a work can be for hanging.

Sue, a retired art teacher from Ausable Valley School, belongs to the Champlain Valley Quilters Guild. She enjoys stitching quilts by machine or hand.

Why would someone stitch by hand, avoiding the modern convenience of a sewing machine? Sue explains that handstiching can be more free-form, allowing the artist to improvise. Also, it carries on the tradition of quilting that predates the existence of the United States of America.

Sue Donohue points out the details of a quilt while discussing the differences between machine and hand stitching.

For more information on the Textile Gallery, contact Sue at 562-9474.

Besides the quilting display, PPL is featuring two other exhibits: the paintings of artist Bill Amadon (until March 31) and works by members of the Friends of the Library. Questions? Contact the library at 563-0921.


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