Thursday, June 30, 2022

Namely Confusing


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Red Hot Chili Peppers.  How many times over the years have you seen or heard that band’s name?

The other day when I was photographing local bagpipers during practice I thought I spotted that name on the back of one piper’s t-shirt.

But looking over my images of the Police Pipes and Drums of Plattsburgh I discovered I had misread the last word: it was Pipers.

Red Hot Chili Pipers are a Celtic rock band from Scotland that features three highland bagpipers.  A contrast to the Peppers who are known for mixing various rock genres such as alternative, psychedelic, rap and punk sans bagpipes

Google took me to various articles about concert goers mixing up the names, going to see the Peppers but instead encountering the Pipers.  Some Pepper fans still enjoyed the show.

It’s all rock and roll.

Here's a link to a Pipers video:

Bagpipers Are Back



 © 2022 Luke T. Bush


Once again sounds of drums and pipes fill Trinity Park. After a long interruption by COVID the Police Pipes and Drums of Plattsburgh have returned to their weekly practice at Trinity Church. A few people watched, showing their appreciation by applauding.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Angry Voices Heard On A Summer Evening



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Abort the Supreme Court!”

Abortion is healthcare!”

My body, my choice!”

The chants reinforced the point that many people are firmly against the Supreme Court overturning Roe Vs. Wade.

The recent decision allows governmental state leaders to ban abortion.  Massive demonstrations have been held in numerous places, protests against the conservative members of the Supreme Court.

Pro Choice supporters crowded Trinity Park to chant and speak out against restrictions on abortion. A sea of signs backed up their voices, some showing a bloody coat hangers representing the dark days of back alley abortions.

The rally was loud but peaceful. To keep that peace city police and state troopers kept an eye out for any trouble.

Around 200 people showed up for the event. Considering the reaction across the country Republicans should be worried about Pro Choice supporters showing up to vote.






Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Aging Infrastructure, Deep Problems

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I’m waiting for the OK so I can use tap water again without any nasty bugs in it.  Until then, boil, boil, boil...

It seems that for some time the city has been lagging with its water system maintenance.  Lately some streets have been torn up to make repairs.  And I won’t be surprised if more leaky pipes need attention.

Today up the street from me a city worker was flushing out a fire hydrant.  Maybe this is the beginning of the end.

Which leads me to a controversial topic: whether or not allow a private developer, Prime, build on the Durkee Street parking lot, more taps needing water.

Before expanding shouldn’t the city at least get its infrastructure up to minimum standards? If it has trouble handing the present infrastructure what will happen with a larger one? What will the Plattsburgh City budget look like then?

Facebook: Right Hand - Left Hand Syndrome


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I checked and it seems I don’t have any violations. Facebook’s right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. (The left one better stop before it goes blind.)


Monday, June 13, 2022

Facebook Accuses Writog Of Promoting Sexual Violence

© 2022 Luke T, Bush

In previous posts at this blog I’ve spoken about a pugnacious bus driver who has sometimes harassed me over the years. I also created separate Facebook posts about the problem.

So today I find this awaiting me on Facebook: 

  If you're having trouble reading the screencap here's the text:

"You have attempted to share a private image.

 "The content you've attempted to share violates our Community Standards.  We stopped your attempt to share this content.

"At Facebook we remove content that threatens or promotes sexual violence or exploitation.  We also remove intimate photographs or videos shared without permission from the people in the images.

"Please note that additional violations may result in your account being blocked or disabled.  Please review the Facebook Community Standards and remove any remaining material on your account that violates Facebook's terms.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation."

I would understand if you told me what post caused the problem.  You've left me in the dark. All I can guess is this post you found offensive:


Is that harpy artwork a private image? Did she accuse me of trying to revenge porn her? There is nothing in my post’s text that implies I was advocating violence to women. I suspect that one of FB’s dumbbots misinterpreted the post. If it was a human that censor should get an oxygen tube inside their backside before they suffocate.


Friday, June 10, 2022

Bus Company Condones Harassment


(C) 2022 Luke T. Bush

As I posted previously last Friday I was harassed by a hostile county bus driver at the mall. She kept yelling at me, saying I was making her late (I was on time) while packing a couple of grocery items in a bag. She threatened that I didn’t hurry up I would have to take a cab. After I stepped on she kept yelling at me while I was trying to get money out of my wallet. I filed a complaint and didn't get a response until today.

This driver has targeted me over the years, yelling at me for no reason. One time the AC on the bus wasn't working. As I've grown older I can't tolerate summer heat as before. I asked to get off. She shouted: "Well, no one else is complaining about the heat!"

There have been other occasions when I was subjected to her verbal onslaughts. At that time another company was running CCPT (Clinton County Public Transit). I filed a complaint then and they checked the bus video, seeing what happened.

A new company is in charge. The manager says for some reason the video doesn't give a clear view of what happened last week. What about the audio? IF there's a problem with the video camera it should be fixed.

The manager said he wasn't going to fire her.  Since she's angry all the time I wonder how that mental state affects her driving concentration.

Yesterday I was walking along and she glared at me as her bus passed.

So I’m in the right but she stays on. In the meantime she'll probably select a new victim. Or maybe there are other ones who don't complain.

Saturday, June 04, 2022

A Bully Drives The Bus

© 2022 Luke T. Bush


Do you enjoy intense verbal harassment?

For a few years a harpy has attacked me on occasion.  She is employed as a driver for the county bus system. One time BC (Before COVID) the bus AC wasn’t working and I simply asked to get off because I was having trouble tolerating the summer heat.

Well,” she snapped, “no one else is complaining about the heat!”

The other day I was at the mall, I had wrapped up my grocery shopping and was putting a few items in carry bags.

She opened the bus door and yelled: “Get going or I’ll leave! I’m not going to wait for you. You’ll have to take a cab.”

She claimed she was running late but I was on time. When I stepped on the bus I took out my wallet and she snarled at me I was taking too much time. I replied her yelling was slowing me down.

I put up with bullies in grade and high school. No more. I filed a complaint and I’m waiting to hear if anything will be done. With her pugnacious personality she should be fired.

She reflects badly on the bus company and Clinton County.

If she stays that will say a lot about how her employer and the county regard public service.