Friday, June 21, 2024

Flood Factor

© 2024 Luke T Bush


Yesterday some shops along Margaret Street were flooded out during a torrential downpour.  I've lived in the downtown area for decades and have never seen such flooding. 



Some shops ended up with saturated carpets.  One business operating out of a basement spot had its ceiling cave in according to one shop owner.  The shop owner also noted that most businesses don't have flood insurance because a deluge like yesterday has never happened downtown.

Last year downtown renovations included the streets and sidewalks.  Some people are blaming improper street grading for the flooding.


As part of the renovations slopes were added to the sidewalks for accessing the streets.  The accompanying photo shows a wide and steep ramp way that must have made it easy for rainwater to gush into the street.  Level sidewalks wouldn't cause the rainwater to concentrate and flow so quickly.

Not everything can be blamed on climate change.

(Flood images from the Facebook group Save Durkee Street Parking Lot.)