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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Neighborhood Association Thinks Green

Paul Bardis, Networker, Every Day Earth Day Committee

Grab a garbage bag, walk down your street, pick up the trash.

Paul Bardis of the Every Day Earth Day Committee spoke to the Plattsburgh Neighborhood Association about tentative plans for community involvement as part of local Earth Day observances. During the Wednesday evening meeting, Paul explained how he's networking with various groups to sponsor a walking trash sweep and other such activities.

The sweepers would all meet up in downtown to deposit their bags into one large container.

Nancy Monette, NA Coordinator

This proposal led to discussion by the NA members about keeping Plattsburgh neighborhoods cleaner. Coordinator Nancy Monette said she would be interested in working with Paul's committee but she did have some reservations how such a sweep would alleviate the chronic problem in the long term. Picking up after litterbugs wouldn't change their behavior. It was suggested that the city should do more by raising awareness of the problem through public service announcements and other such venues.

The Neighborhood Association provides a forum for citizens to voice their concerns about problems that need attention. For more information about the group, call Nancy Monette at 561-8225 or email her at nmonette[at]charter[dot]net .


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