Friday, April 17, 2020

COVID Crisis Refund Ripoff

© 2020 Luke T. Bush

I'm out $40 plus tax on a bathroom scale that doesn't work.

Why? Because Kinney Drugs refuses to give me refund due to the COVID-19 crisis.

The store manager didn't explain the connection between the coronavirus and the item I purchased. It's not like I was returning an used piece of medical equipment like a mask or a rectal thermometer. I didn't know bathroom scales were the prime target of COVID-19, attracting the deadly virus and then keeping it alive for ages. Does this mean my scale has been be buried deep in concrete for 100 years until the virus is finally vanquished?

The manager pointed to signs at each register saying no refunds. I didn't notice because the signs were placed off to the side, looking like another warning about wearing masks and gloves. Also when I wear a mask my eyeglasses fog up and when I take them off I still can't see. I wonder how many visually impaired and blind people will also get screwed. On my budget like many other people around here $40 is a lot of money.  This is just another version of price gouging.

If this store wants to play fair with customers the clerks should tell customers verbally before a purchase of the no refund policy. If I had know that I would have passed on buying the scale. I wanted a basic scale but the store was out of the $20 unit. I need the scale because I have to lose weight before hernia surgery.

I thought the scale would work by itself without hooking up to the internet with a special app. No go. It just sits there like a thick square piece of hi-tech shit. If you go to Google Play for the A&D Medical app you'll see complaints that it doesn't work. Don't buy any products from this loser company.

So be on the alert for this no refund ripoff at other stores. And don't believe those bullshit TV ads with actor/good ol' guy Sam Elliot's voice saying that Kinney Drugs is local, it cares about you. Apparently to make up for lost sales during the crisis Kinney wants to stick it to customers in the meantime.