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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Source Said

What is truth?

You got me.

A source tells me that a community leader took an abrupt leave from a public event, upset by some of the comments made by certain citizens, in effect snubbing them.

Not true, says a second source. The meeting was wrapping up and the community leader just simply left.

That’s not how the third source recalls it. This source noted that the community leader should’ve taken a moment to say he had to leave and thank the guest speaker. But the leader left without a word.

All three sources were at the event; I wasn’t. So I have to dig and figure out what happened.

I respect all three sources. Each one witnessed the same event but with a different POV, recalling a detail that the others had apparently missed. Each sounded sincere when stating what had happened.

So did the community leader rudely leave?

You got me.

Which means all of my sources won’t be happy.

Imagine how I feel.

A big headache.


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