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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

“Get Away From My House”

Do you see a house anywhere in this photo?

My camera is aimed straight down at a bright yellow leaf on the sidewalk, an early sign of autumn. A woman sitting on a porch about fifteen feet away makes a comment about me taking “stupid” pictures; she tells me to leave, to stay away from her house.

I look up – I didn’t even know she was there; I was concentrating on my shot. I told her I was on a public sidewalk and I had the right to take photographs as long as I wasn’t invading her privacy.

The woman – a semi-toothless city hillbilly – harasses me, ordering me once again to get away from her house. I tell her repeatedly to call the police; they would let her know that I had the right to take photographs on a public sidewalk. I ignore her and take my shot.

I notice that while she was ordering to me leave, she has a baby on her lap, feeding it a bottle of milk. Will ignorance breed ignorance?


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