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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Plattsburgh Logic

Convenient staircase blocked by inconvenient guardrail.

Remember: Form should follow function. Especially with taxpayer dollars.

(Near JFK Memorial Bridge, Broad Street).


Anonymous tourpro said...

Hmm, where is that? Near the river and parking lot?

Somehow, I didn't know that there was a named bridge call JFK Memorial.

9:27 PM  
Blogger Luke T. Bush said...

You got the right spot. A few feet away you'll see the memorial plaque bolted on the bridge.

After he was assassinated, new projects in various communities were named in the memory of President Kennedy. One time I saw a JFK Memorial park. The best P-burgh could do was the Broad Street bridge. (Better than the JFK Memorial Sewage Treatment Plant, I must admit.)

A typical hagiographic response. For example, before his death, only 59 percent of the American public said they had voted for him. After his death, that jumped to 65 percent. People need their saintly heroes.

Technically speaking, that bridge is the second JFK Memorial. A previous span stood there, one with columns supporting it above the Saranac River. When that bridge was torn down and replaced with the newer style, steel beams with no columns, the plaque was recycled.

Apparently I'm the only person who has ever noticed the plaque or at least recembers it. History marches on.

3:17 AM  

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