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Monday, September 07, 2009

Plattsy’s Secret Garbage Tour

Guest Post By Plattsy, CEO Plattsburgh Clownsultants

Hiya, kids!

Did you ever go on a secret garden tour? That’s where you and some other suckers traipse around and look at private gardens that aren’t in plain sight, you know, set in somebody’s backyard or on a side street that no one ever travels. You’re supposed to marvel at some roses or petunias or poison ivy.

Well, I’ve always said that the City of Plattsburgh should always promote its most blatant features, like convenient free-range dog crapping for owners too lazy to pick up after their pets. There’s one other downtown feature that has almost the same amount of blatancy: trash.

But sometimes the real treasures aren't that noticeable.

Take a look at this spot somewhat hidden on Margaret Street, right in the heart of downtown near a flagpole. An installation for the new arts corridor? It’s like a small hobo jungle. Actually I hate to use that term because when I was on the road, riding the rails, most hobo jungles were cleaner and neater than this.

And check out this delightful alcove on upper Bridge Street. The cinderblock makes the perfect bookcase – or should I say, garbagecase? I wonder what’s breeding in those yogurt containers? Talk about active cultures! Yummy!!


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