Saturday, June 04, 2022

A Bully Drives The Bus

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Do you enjoy intense verbal harassment?

For a few years a harpy has attacked me on occasion.  She is employed as a driver for the county bus system. One time BC (Before COVID) the bus AC wasn’t working and I simply asked to get off because I was having trouble tolerating the summer heat.

Well,” she snapped, “no one else is complaining about the heat!”

The other day I was at the mall, I had wrapped up my grocery shopping and was putting a few items in carry bags.

She opened the bus door and yelled: “Get going or I’ll leave! I’m not going to wait for you. You’ll have to take a cab.”

She claimed she was running late but I was on time. When I stepped on the bus I took out my wallet and she snarled at me I was taking too much time. I replied her yelling was slowing me down.

I put up with bullies in grade and high school. No more. I filed a complaint and I’m waiting to hear if anything will be done. With her pugnacious personality she should be fired.

She reflects badly on the bus company and Clinton County.

If she stays that will say a lot about how her employer and the county regard public service.

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