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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Unshoveled Sidewalk: 24 Hours Later

PLATTSBURGH CITY - Sunday  03/10/13

Compare the above image taken around 9 PM this evening to what I photographed yesterday evening and shared with a previous blog post.

Another day unshoveled, meaning pedestrians are forced to walk in the street.  I think sometime earlier today – morning time –  marked 24 hours since the storm called Nemo stopped dumping snow.  That's an important detail when you consider this excerpt from a recent PR article headlined Hello Nemo (2/9/13):

"Citizens of the City of Plattsburgh will be helping with snow removal as Nemo moves away.

"While they are not required to shovel the sidewalks in front of their homes during the storm, they are given 24 hours after the storm to do so, Public Works Superintendent Arsene 'Mike' Brodi said."

Looks like no Good Citizenship award for the Press-Republican.  Or does it get a special weekend pass on snow removal?  Supposedly the city fines owners who don't clear sidewalks adjacent to their properties by having public works employees shovel away the snow and then it bills the scofflaws for the work.


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