Sunday, February 10, 2013

Unshoveled Sidewalk: Press-Republican Leads By Example

PLATTSBURGH CITY - Saturday  02/09/13

From a Cheers & Jeers column written by a Press-Republican editor on Dec. 19, 2011:

"JEERS to businesses that don't get to their sidewalks promptly after snowstorms. Look, we know entrepreneurs have lots to think about when they get to work every day, and we certainly respect that. Those businesses are the adrenaline of our community. But, when it snows, several liabilities are at work: Shoveling your sidewalks keeps pedestrian traffic flowing; it allows customers to safely enter your emporium without interference; and, in the City of Plattsburgh, at least, it's the law..."

Yes, that was written some time ago but what was published still applies, especially this concluding statement from the same column:

"(By the way, the Press-Republican office in Plattsburgh is responsible for its Margaret Street sidewalk, which we always clear. The Miller Street sidewalk out back, for which we sometimes take heat, is the city's domain.)"

So unless the city has taken domain over the Margaret Street sidewalk in front of the PR building, why wasn't it shoveled today?  Most pedestrians were forced to walk in the street, increasing their chances of being hit by a passing vehicle.

I did notice that the parking lot and driveway were both clear of snow.  Apparently drivers count more than pedestrians, especially when the driver is a PR employee like an editor.

Some longtime readers of this blog might feel there's something familiar about this post.   Well, let's call it deja vu all over again  – right down to Fitzpatrick's Bar having cleared snow from its sidewalk unlike a certain scofflaw neighbor.

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good thing we didn't get 2' like Long Island