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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Reader Comments: Can You Feel The Love?

The Shaft

Back in December a locally produced movie about skateboarders premiered at ROTA Gallery.  I wrote a post entitled "Thunder Road" Movie Pleases Skateboard Fans But Others Beware.  You can read the post by clicking on the preceding link.

Recently I received a couple of comments about the post.  They're pasted below in their complete unedited glory.

*  *  *

"This is a joke. Im stoked to see someone have nothing better to do that hate on something people have come together try to do something we love to do. skate. Keep up the GREAT work. I will continue to skate until my very legs can't move. You have a lovley day."

*  *  *

"Hey, guy. Do you work? No. You stroll around this dead end town and take your pictures. Does anyone bother you? So listen up, guy. I skateboard. I work full time and some. Would you like to know what i do? I build fireplaces. What do you do? Oh, we already went over that. What you describe here is retarded. And this specific crew is young and upcoming. Ive been skating these streets for over a decade. Your blog is distasteful and straight up boring. Does bashing seventeen year olds who like to do something that expresses themselves get you off? If so i suggest you seek mental help. Take your stereo type an shove it up your ass. I work harder in one week than you have your whole life. So please, stop judging something you are so ignorant to. You are just jealous that people find happiness in a piece of wood and a turning system. Because deep down, you can't find happiness in anything but negative blogs attatched to freelance photos. But no one is judging you for that, are they?"

*  *  *

With those reactions in mind, read my original post and see if it exudes the malice claimed by the above readers.  I wasn't engaging in puerile ad hominem attacks like a couple of people I could mention.

I did write that there have been problems with a few skateboarders who damaged property, citing the church that appeared in the movie.  An inconvenient fact for some people.

For a post published back in December, I don't know why there was such a delay in reacting (commenter = no helmet = head injury = long time to heal?).

Like I tell people, I didn't end up in this world to think like everyone else.

Gee, I hope that last statement doesn't reek of negativity.  I might be judged.


Blogger Tal Hartsfeld said...

It must be nice to be someone with no life who also happens to be wealthy enough to not have any serious concerns to address and can afford to just meander up and down public streets and walkways without care.
If only what passes for "recreation" for these people didn't also involve infringing on the rights and properties of others in the process.
Let them say what they will about your activities, but what are THEY doing that would be considered "creative" or "productive"?

1:42 AM  

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