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Thursday, May 17, 2012

No Major Accidents?

This headline just caught my eye at the Press-Republican website:

"City Council to vote on returning traffic light"

Back in 2006 Plattsburgh City decided to remove the stoplight at the intersection of Margaret and Elm streets, assuming that stopsigns only for vehicles traveling on Elm would do the job.

Some councilors feel the return of the stoplight isn't needed, the expense is too great, including Councilor Mark Tiffer (D-Ward 2).  His reasoning is summed up this way in the PR article:

"Tiffer said that there have been no major accidents at the intersection since the light was removed, and the traffic study backs up the position of leaving it out."

Sorry, Mr. Tiffer, but I think you should look at my blog post dated July 9, 2009 entitled "Car Accident: Margaret And Elm."  Below are the two photos I included with the post.

Maybe that no one died or was seriously injured in that accident keeps it from being considered as "major."  But considering the damage to the car, the fact that an ambulance showed up, and that one passenger was young enough to be in a child safety seat (second photo), I don't think that was a minor event.  And who knows what other accidents have occurred at the same intersection when I didn't happen to be around.

Put the stoplight back in before there is a major accident.  Yes, the stoplight will cost more than $100,000 but what price do you put on a human life?

UPDATE 5/18/12:  As reported on WIRY radio, a vote was taken at the Common Council meeting Thursday evening and a stoplight will be installed once again at the intersection.  The councilors were split down the middle but Mayor Donald Kasprzak cast the tie-breaker vote in favor of the stoplight.


Anonymous tourpro said...

Same traffic-study created the "curb of death" on US Ave that is the most cyclist-unfriendly feature in the city.

Also, let's not forget the brilliant "reverse diagonal parking".

11:06 AM  

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