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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Speaking Of Excellence

A PR editorial entitled "Changes at the newspaper" (5/10/12) details the downsizing and restructuring recently at the Press-Republican.  Most of it is old news to readers of this blog.

It's good that the PR is discussing these changes but one gets the feeling the editor is whistling while walking past a graveyard of hungry zombies late at night.

Also, I hate it when any institution -- governmental, educational, private -- misuses a word or phase, especially when it comes to a matter of self-proclaimed standards and performance.  Actions speak louder than buzzwords.

Check out the last paragraph of the "Changes" editorial:

"We continue to focus on pursuing excellence. Though we will never forget the contributions of those we have lost, we are confident the 104 people who remain at the Press-Republican will continue to work just as hard to provide the same strong news report and quality of work that you, the reader, deserve."

Well, let's check out the quality of work -- the excellence if you prefer -- with this headline that appeared in the 5/9/12 print edition of the PR (page B1) about a sport event:

Saranac Lake readers deserve better.

Please note that this blog strives for decent quality.  No pretensions of excellence here.  I'm just a staff of one -- but at least I use spellchecker program.


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