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Friday, September 30, 2011

Earthdance 2011

There was a New Age vibe in Macdonough Monument park Saturday evening, September 24th. People came together to promote peace and celebrate the forests and nature. Unfortunately nature was biting, courtesy of the recent mosquito plaque.

Lively dancing helped to keep the blood-sucking pests at bay. The Blind Owl Band made the event festive with its catchy blue grass tunes. Evening soon gave way to the night, multi-colored candles scattered about the scene glowing bright in the darkness.

The event was held at the Lions Club "Bandshell." The circular cement foundation by the Saranac River provided a good dance floor but apparently one had to visualize the "shell." (If you call it a bandshell but there is no shell, then is it a bandshell? A question for great philosophers to wrestle.)

The 4th Annual Earthdance Plattsburgh was sponsored by the Red Hummingbird Foundation, a non-profit organization formed in 1999 by Don and Vivian Papson. It was one of many such events held around the world on the same date.

According to the Earthdance International Website since it was formed "Earthdance has been held annually in over 500 locations in 80 countries with all events simultaneously joining together in the Prayer for Peace – a powerful moment of coherent intention."

Don and Vivian Papson, co-founders of the Red Hummingbird Foundation, shake a leg.

(Note: The above image needed some extra photo-editing magic to make the jar in the foreground sharper. It's a composite of two different images.)


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