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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rockeater Race: Misc. Images

What's a rockeater? And what is a Rockeater Adventure Race?

Rockeater is a slang term for a yokel with a low IQ and missing teeth (the teeth missing as if the person had been eating rocks). During a sketch on the TV "comedy" program Saturday Night Live people from Plattsburgh, NY were described as rockeaters. (And if you ever watch SNL you know why I put comedy in quotation marks. Plattsburgh bashing can be funny but somehow SNL pre-extracts humor from most of its sketches.)

To turn the pejorative into a positive city rec super Steve Peters used the term in naming a race held at the City Beach. Held on a sunny Saturday (Sept. 17th) the event was a combination costume party and 5-kilometer-long gauntlet with tough obstacles including concrete barriers, a dented-up car, fire and mud.

(For a better view of the images below, click on each one to see the full size.)


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