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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Library Leak: Compare The Difference

See the improvement between these two photos?

You don't? Well, notice the image dated 3/23/10 only has three buckets. But look at the number of buckets in the second one taken yesterday, over a year later. It's a new record for buckets!

Yes, the Plattsburgh Public Library is still leaking. Mold is growing in the walls, even inside the elevator. And now the electrical system might be affected; lights are blowing out.

And if anything shows that the City of Plattsburgh cares about its library, it's having an obstacle course placed in the entrance area. Especially for disabled patrons.

Of course, the city is tight for money. Can't spend money now. Wait until later. That way money will be saved because not only will the leak will have to be fixed, taxpayer money will have to be spent on mold removal and electrical work. That's assuming that an electrical fire doesn't break out, adding to the overall savings.

That's Plattsburgh smart!


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