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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Is Ducky Quacking Up?

Until now I didn't have a chance to listen and record Ducky Drake's latest WIRY Radio commentary that mentions my previous post entitled "The Drake Equation." In that post I questioned Ducky's math skills. Now I find his overall mental skills smack of dubiosity.

In "The Drake Equation" I discussed how Library Assistant Karen Ricketson wondered how Ducky Drake came up with an approximate 30 percent raise for PPL employees affected by a new contract. She represented the union in the contract negotiations and wanted to see on paper how he made that calculation.

So Ducky this week responded to what was written in my blog with one of his "Is It Just Me?" commentaries. Ducky leads off his piece, "You Knew What The Deal Was All Along," by stating he read my blog and found "things that just aren't true." Then Ducky makes erroneous or untrue statements.

Read my previous post. Ducky says I stated in that post Karen Ricketson wasn't present during negotiations regarding her raise. Really. I reread all 335 words and I want Ducky to show me where I said that.

Ducky wonders if I actually interviewed Karen Ricketson. Yes, I did. But why not put in a passing dig like that to portray me in an unprofessional light. By the way, Ducky, have you ever interviewed her?

Ducky also claims that I stated he wanted to close all of the libraries. I never said that. I stated he thought PPL should be closed because other libraries in the city provided the same services. He did say that. The "closing down all the libraries" crap is the result of poor reading skills or a ham-fisted effort to cloud the issue.

I think what threw Ducky for a loop was the statement I made that it was "news" to Karen Ricketson that she was getting around a 30 percent raise. Apparently sarcasm is too much for Ducky to understand, even such a cliche one as "That's news to me." Anyone with a modicum of discernment would know that the statement didn't mean that she was unaware of the raise. It just meant that Ducky's approximate 30 percent raise claim was dubious to her.

Then again, it's just you, ain't it, Ducky?


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