Saturday, March 27, 2010

Comment Spotlight: Anonymously Erudite

Sometimes a comment is worth its own post.

For example, consider this comment regarding my previous post, "The Drake Equation," from a person who bravely identifies himself as Anonymous:

Dear Writog,

I think you need to find a new hobby other than blogging about random garbage...literally taking pictures all over Plattsburgh. Man you need to get a life or a job because your blogs are assenine. In plain English ans as Ducky would say, "Time to stick a fork in are done."


Dear Anon,

Thanks for the vote of confidence. Your comment has inspired me to rededicate myself to this blog.

I gather from your erudite remarks that you must be an English teacher. Look at the way you spelled asinine. Why bother using a spell checker program when you're a genius?

But let me wrap this up so that you may return to your busy schedule. Besides teaching English and creating such astute typo-free commentary, I know you're also involved with community service. It's nighttime. Time for you to hurl a brick through the office window of a politician who voted in favor of the new health care bill.


Luke T. Bush

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