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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Clownmentary: Tea Party Circus

By Guest Commentator Plattsy

Hi ya, kids!

There's been a lot of bloviation lately about the recently passed health care bill and a new grassroots movement, the Tea Party. The Plattsburgh area has its own group, UNYTEA, Upstate New York Tea Party. Some of these people get really worked up. In fact, a few of them might think this commentary is dis-UNYTEA.

The other day UNYTEA held a rally against what they call Obama care. The Tea Partyers think such legislation is leading the US down the road to Communism.

During the rally some liberals gathered across the street to counter-protest. The UNYTEA gang noticed that the liberals didn't have any American flags and made sure to point that out through the medium of polite discussion, shouting. Of course, UNYTEA showed up with plenty of flags, big and small, to stop our country from going commie. I bet as good Americans they bought their flags at a great discount at Wal-Mart. A lot of stuff sold at Wal-Mart -- like American flags -- is sold cheap because it's made in China. Good to know all those Tea Baggers are doing everything they can to avoid funding the Red Menace!!!

Now I don't want to repeat unfounded rumors -- or God forbid, bad jokes -- but I heard an interesting story from an unreliable source.

If you've been following the news, there's been reports of some "patriotic" Americans across the nation throwing bricks through the office windows of those congressional members who voted in favor of health care reform. Now this source says one of the UNYTEA party leaders had a few drinks one night and really got upset about the commie takeover. After he left the bar, the Tea Bagger was staggering along and almost tripped over a brick on the sidewalk. He took this incident as an omen.

He picked up the brick, drove over to someone's office, and hurled it through the front window. Glass shattered.

The Tea Bagger stood there and happened to notice the address of the building.

"Wait a minute!" he said. "This is MY office!"


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