Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ahem, Press-Republican

Dear Press-Republican:

The accompanying image was taken Friday afternoon (5/29/08). Apparently you don’t read my blog. Anyway I had posted before about the same mess in your driveway a week ago (here’s the link). The mess in question is indicated in the image below with a blue dot.

I know your fine institution isn’t responsible for what the dog and its rude owner left behind. But shouldn’t you be keeping up appearances? After all, you do mow your lawn and trim your shrubbery. But maybe you’re too busy writing editorials like the one on May 27th entitled “The home of the conscientious” about litter and pollution problems.

To quote from that fine editorial:

“We should all make 2009 the year of renewal for our environment. We're using up and laying waste to our planet, and that must stop.

”There is no better place to start than in the outdoors-conscious North Country.”

Maybe your outdoors consciousness is making you less cognizant of what’s in your own front yard. (You do get out of that bubble on Margaret Street, don’t you?)

I hope you didn’t think all the rain we’ve been having would wash it away. All that did was re-moisturize the mess.

Maybe you picked it up yesterday. I didn’t check; I have better things to do. Even if you did get out the scooper, not responding to such an unsolicited comment in your driveway for days ain’t professional.


Luke T. Bush, Writog

PS: Please note that not reading my blog – or, heaven forbid, ignoring it – can exacerbate matters.

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