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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tracking The Problem 5

Is this really needed?

I asked myself that question a couple of times during a visit to a neurosurgeon at the medical center across the lake in Vermont.

The first time I had asked it was when the neurosurgeon and his assistant recommended back surgery. They showed me on a computer screen a MRI scan, how a nerve was being pinched by narrow passageway.

I’ve decided to put off surgery for now. Maybe physical therapy will work as it has done in the past.

I asked Is this really needed? a second time while I was waiting to see the neurosurgeon, wandering around the impressive multi-storied building that housed his office. It was called a “pavilion.” Indeed. The front part was opened up, five stories down to the first floor lobby, the façade constructed of huge windows. Another section by the neurosurgeon’s office was opened up three stories, a balcony view on four sides down into the food court.

Such architecture is great for a shopping mall but what has it to do with health services?

I thought to myself I would like to live on the equivalent amount of money spent each year heating and cooling the place. Those wide-open areas couldn’t be energy efficient.

I also wondered how many surgeries were needed to cover the bills for the maintenance of this house – actually, palace – of healing.


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