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Friday, May 01, 2009

Miller Street Obstacle Course

Sometimes the area between the Delord and Lorraine intersections on Miller Street can be a pain to navigate, especially if you’re a resident.

  • After a parking lot on Margaret Street started to charge a weekly fee, more cars ended up using the non-restricted spots on Miller Street up the street from the Post Office. Weekdays from early morning to mid-afternoon the area can become congested, cars lined up on both sides of the street.

  • More cars mean a narrower passageway, particularly for larger vehicles. Miller Street homeowner Valeri Raugi says that vehicles sometimes race through this section to avoid a tight squeeze play.

  • Big boxy vans and large vehicles in short parking spots create blind spots for anyone entering the street from a narrow driveway, even when the area isn’t that congested. Resident Valeri Raugi says it’s difficult to safely enter Miller Street when vehicles parked on both sides of her driveway block her view. How about painting yellow X boxes in such spots with No Parking signs?

  • Vehicle blocks driveway. OK, the driveway belongs to an abandoned house, but what will happen if there’s a fire and the FD needs quick access?

  • No driveways here. So why not limit parking to this side of Miller Street where there are less driveways?

Valeri Raugi spoke with the mayor around a year ago. So far there have been no real changes outside of a decrease in the number of cars at certain times.


Blogger TourPro said...

Is there even a Parking Enforcement officer making rounds anymore?

Who are all these? Downtown workers? Postal Employees?

In a way, it is good to see some activity. Better than a total ghost town.

9:49 PM  
Blogger Luke T. Bush said...

Parking enforcement officer? The city decided it doesn't need one.

= = =


Published December 17, 2008 04:32 am - Positions will be cut in MLD, finance, police due to budget problems.

City to cut eight positionsBy JOE LOTEMPLIO Staff Writer

The mayor said the parking-enforcement officer position was cut because it was not cost effective.

"The revenues coming in from that position were not what we predicted.

"We will rely on patrol officers to enforce parking regulations."
= = =


Published January 08, 2009 10:23 pm

Council opts to keep funding for MLD positionsBy JOE LOTEMPLIO Staff Writer

The council agreed to abolish a billing-clerk position in the Finance Department and the parking-enforcement officer position.

12:42 AM  

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