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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Shakin' With Suter

UPPER JAY, NY - Sat. Apr. 26, 2013

The eponymous lead singer of the Alex P. Suter Band got the crowd jumping at the Upper Jay Art Center.

With the term "art center" one would think this was the setting for evening gowns and black suits.  Not so.  The building dates back to 1921 when it was used by the Ford Motor Company to assemble model T's.  Now it's the site of the Upper Jay Upholstery/Recovery Lounge.  No fancy marble walls here, just plain walls of brick and plaster held together by rough wooden beams, all enclosing comfortable chairs and couches .  (I suspect a connection between seating comfortability and the upholstery operation.)

Despite the bare bones setting the center boasts surprisingly good acoustics, especially with the powerful vocals of Alexis P. Suter.  Her dynamic stage presence quickly wins over the audience.  By evening's end people were up and dancing.  That's not surprising because this brash baritone Brooklynite was a nominee for Best Blues Soul Female Artist at the 2012 Blues Music Awards.

More info about Suter and her band at http://www.alexispsuter.com/.  Details about upcoming events at the Recovery Lounge: http://upperjayartcenter.org/index.htm .

More photos at http://bit.ly/YdACZO .


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