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Monday, October 24, 2011

Barn Dance: Reel Good Tunes

"Hey, my uncle has a barn. Let's put on a show!"

So Mickey Rooney supposedly said to Judy Garland and the rest of the kids in a MGM movie from the 1940s. And while the quote may be apocryphal, the stuff of Hollywood urban legends, it does express the feeling of everyday people informally gathering to create their own entertainment.

It was a cool overcast day quickly turning to night but the barn provided protection from the elements and the darkness. The loft made a great dance floor for people young and old to whirl to the bluegrass sounds of the Blind Owl Band. In the spirit of the season most arrived in costume. Elves, a lucky leprechaun, winged humanoid insects and even a colonial squire were seen.

The event was hosted by Larry Dolan, his wife Les Cosgrove, and his mother, Sandy, up dere on Mason Street, a ways outside Morrisonville.

To view the individual photos in the set with a larger view, click on this link.


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