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Friday, April 23, 2010

Surprise Comic Strip Cameo

While Plattsburgh's daily newspaper is Dickless -- it dropped Dick Tracy from its funny pages -- that fine publication is still providing readers with the adventures of the Phantom.

Phantom? That guy running around in the jungle attired with a black mask, purple leotards, and a gun? Isn't he dead? Didn't he die from heat exhaustion from running around in that sweaty not-jungle-appropriate get-up?

No, the Ghost Who Jaywalks lives on. Recently there was a transition between adventures. Suddenly the reader ends up in a office styled in 1960's "modern" where a distinguished gentleman breaks through the fourth wall to address the audience. This mysterious stranger fills in everyone who hasn't stop by lately (Shame on you!) on what has been going on at this point in the Phantom's crime-fighting life. This narrator looks like a British diplomat of the old school (Eton, my good chap), fancy suit, cane and derby. But who the hell is he?

This narrator has an omniscient view of the world, knows everything about the Phantom, his past, present and future.

It's good that God dropped in to the strip to do a segue.

(The April 20th, 2010 sequence, seen above, was found at this link.


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