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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Brain Killer TV

Sea Hunt was a TV series aired from 1958-1961 that followed the adventures of ex-Navy frogman, Mike Nelson, as portrayed by Lloyd Bridges. As watching episodes from this series proves, the late 1950s-early 1960s were an enlightened era.

Take the episode entitled "Killer Whale" -- please. Mike Nelson is out scuba-diving with his friends, a married couple, Doug and Mela Anderson. Suddenly the trio is attacked by a killer whale. Deadlier than any great white shark, the killer whale attacks and eats Doug. Mike and Mela escape.

Mike Nelson declares that all killer whales should be destroyed. He enlists the aid of a harpooner who specializes in explosive shafts, a tough guy named Will. Mela wants to go along on the search-and-destroy mission to get the killer whale that dug Doug but Mike and Will say no, it's no job for a girl. Of course, they're right. Girls just mess things up like when the boys build a tree house and the dumb girls want to put up sissy curtains in the windows.

Mike and Will take off in their boat, expecting to catch the killer whale near some rocks where seals congregate. Of course, Mela follows them in a small motor boat and like a typical girl she gets stuck in some seaweed while a rubber fin -- I mean killer whale -- approaches.

But Mike saves Mela and Will blows up the killer whale with his explosive phallic symbol. The End.

"Gee, I think the killer whale got Doug Anderson. Or maybe it got Doug Jones or Doug Smith or Doug Mxyzptlk."

"There's the killer. Your rubber harpoon..."

"...can blow up that phony rubber fin in the water."

"What did you say? A tiller pail is behind me? I can't understand you; blondes have dumb hearing."

See this classic episode for yourself at this link.


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