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Friday, April 16, 2010


Guest Editorial By Plattsy The Clown

They're building and renovating in the center of the city, new housing -- but not for young people.

The old Seton Academy / Mount Assumption Institute building was going to be housing for college age students but there was an uproar from the neighbors. Young tenants would bring along all the problems that follow them like stupidity follows Sarah Palin.

So now the old school property is being converted into senior housing. Ya, that's so much better.

Wait until those seniors move in. With their bad hearing and cheap hearing aids they'll be blasting Frank Sinatra records all day. They'll be chucking their soiled Depends adult diapers out the window. And the white-haired guys, all jacked up on Viagra, will be chasing nubile college girls down the street. And the blue-haired biddies will be grabbing young kids by the ears, yanking them hard, because those whippersnappers need a good straightening out now and then.

You won't be able to cross the street safely because the old people with their bad memories will be driving in circles for hours, lost, because they forgot where they live. They'll be too busy squinting at street numbers to notice anyone in the crosswalk.

Wait until an old person calls you over to pick up his slimy false teeth that fell out, diseased dentures on the sidewalk.

Do you want to be around those types? They forget to wash and have that musty old people's smell because they keep their windows shut tight all day.

There goes the neighborhood because no one wanted young people to live in the new housing.

If there's anything Plattsy the Clown hates, it's prejudice!!


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