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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wage Peace For A Change

Afghanistan: Graveyard of Empires.

After George W. Boob and his neo-con Republican pals got our country mired in a dead end war in that country, I thought Afghanistan would also be known as the Elephant's Graveyard. But thanks to the centrist (i.e. half-ass) policies of President Obama, the Democrats will be sharing just as much blame.

When G.W. Boob was president, local peace activists would show up almost every Thursday afternoon at Trinity Park in downtown Plattsburgh. They would line up on the City Hall Place sidewalk, signs in hand, reminding people that two dead end wars (Iraq being the other one) were being waged. Today some of those activists returned, also upset with Obama's decision to continue waging the Afghani-nam War.

The gathering today might be a one time event. It was held to see how many activists wanted to expression their displeasure with the government continuing its march of folly. Other demonstrations might be held, once again on a weekly basis. For more info, email Jim King: jking8213@charter.net.


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