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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jeers To The Jeerer

On Monday, January 18th in its Cheers & Jeers editorial the Press-Republican had the gall to print this:

"JEERS to property owners — particularly business property — who are non-shovelers, in the city and elsewhere. We receive Speakouts with disturbing frequency naming business owners who are derelict in this important responsibility."

Derelict. Like this business?

Notice where the bare sidewalk ends? Someone shoveled up to the point where another property owner was supposed to do his part.

Sidewalks adjacent to someone's property are supposed to be cleared of snow 24 hours after a storm. The stretch in front of that gray stone edifice remained unshoveled a lot longer than 24 hours. The business owner did use a snowblower later on but that only removed the surface, leaving a couple of inches of tracked down snow, turning it into a bumpy and slippery pathway.

Keep in mind that the driveways and sidewalks on the property were shoveled bare for the convenience of employees while the public sidewalk out front was ignored.

The PR wrapped up its "Jeer" with this statement:

"If the trend seems to warrant it, though, we'll assign someone to drive around and check. Let's hope this serves as an adequate reminder that clearing sidewalks is important to the entire community."

Drive around and check for unshoveled sidewalks? How about walking out your front door and taking a look?

More details here.


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