Saturday, June 20, 2009

Back To The Archives:

Besides this blog I have another one,, where I republish articles from my old Website of the same name. I kept building on to that site until it became a-mazing, a rambling mess. The new site, thanks to the blogging format, will be more organized.

The problem is that I haven’t republished anything since November 2008. I’ve been distracted with producing new material on this blog. Also, I have to decide what to republish and how to re-present it, a somewhat involved process.

This time it was easy to pick what old stuff to use. As I recently documented here at this blog, I had another encounter with the Plattsburgh Police Department involving my photographic interest. So over at I pulled from the archives the article about one such encounter under the new title of Photography And The Black & White Factor (dated June 19, 2009). Here’s the direct link.

At that time it was incident #4. Lately I’ve lost track; I can’t remember how many times since then. Another reason to dig into the archives.

I’ll add notices here when I’ve added more “classic” material at the other blog.

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