Saturday, June 13, 2009

But No Tar And Feathers Were Found

In a previous post, “WIRY Commentator Needs Rewiring,” I mentioned that radio “personality” Ducky Drake stated that the Plattsburgh Public Library should be closed down to save the city money. A controversial POV, indeed.

The image below is a portrait of Ducky from Please note the shirt he is wearing.

This second image shows the remains of a shirt I found lying around near downtown Plattsburgh.

This evidence suggests that poor Ducky ran into a pro-library crowd and didn’t get away in time.


SAW said...

Any person who suggests that closing a public library will save money is an idiot.

Luke T. Bush said...

Ducky Drake is indeed an idiot - Plattsburgh's village idiot.

(Nothing personal, Ducky.)