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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Two More Rough Spots

There’s a sidewalk buried under this stretch of snow. Even though this section is on Miller Street behind the Press-Republican building, the last thing I heard was the city was responsible for keeping it open.

And here’s another snow-buried stretch right next door to the City Hall parking lot on Cornelia Street. The business that was in the building adjacent to the sidewalk has closed. So does that mean the property owner no longer has to clear the way?

I’ve heard that scofflaws are supposed to be fined when they don’t shovel. So how much money was raised by fines last winter? Was even one ticket given out?


Blogger Gu Hao said...

I still remember the last winter. It's not a good memory, since it had been a disart after snowing for two weeks, not only in my city, but also in many areas of my country.

Fortunately, we got over, with our great efforts and the helps of our friends all over the world.

Since then, I realize that we face different weathers everyday, and we can't make the choice. But, it's not important to conquer the nature, but important to help each other. We are the world.

Merry Christmas! Best wishes for the coming 2009!

9:41 AM  
Blogger Luke T. Bush said...

Gu Hao:

And may 2009 be a good year for you.

So far most people are cooperating with keeping the sidewalks clear. Yes, shoveling snow is a hard job, especially after three storms rolled in, only one or two days apart. But as you observe, to be part of a community, at times we have to help each other.


5:57 PM  

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