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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Another Sign Of The Times

Add the church on Brinkerhoff Street to places that have to post signs because inconsiderate dog-owners are letting their pets crap all over without picking up after them.

And maybe Trinity Park needs bigger signs to get the point across about curbing dogs. Then again, even if the city put up a big billboard with flashing lights and a siren, there will always be a few idiots who will ignore the message. By the way, if you visit the veterans’ monument in Trinity Park to enjoy the Xmas lights recently strung around it, watch out for such frozen walnuts as those depicted above.

Answers? Install a dog park downtown and ban all dogs from other areas. Start licensing dogs to create funds so that the health codes can be enforced.

Or, instead, just watch your step. But don’t wonder why visitors to the area wrinkle their noses when downtown Plattsburgh is mentioned.

After all, image is everything. Especially when you have to scrape it off your shoe.


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