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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Economy Stripped Bare

On the public bus, riding home.

Woman #1 was upset. Her employer was shutting down its business. Soon she would be unemployed, bills to pay.

“I’ll work as a stripper if I have to,” she declared.

Woman #2 understood her plight. “I used to dance at a men’s club. I had to; I had four kids.”

Woman #2 explained that until she found a better job, she danced but only topless, no full nudity. She made around $700 a night at a local club.

“But I’m not toned,” said Woman #1.

Woman #2 said that she wasn’t toned when she worked as an exotic dancer. “I had four kids,” she repeated.

Then the Helpful Guy joined the conversation, making it a three-way.

“I know where you can make some money dancing,” he said. “Go across the border to that Canadian men’s club.” But he did advise that the club was a front for prostitution. One time for his birthday he had the Around The World special there.

The bus pulled in to its last stop and the conversation ended.

How uplifting. America, The Land Of Opportunity.

Obviously the robust economy means that more people like Woman #1 are seeking out positions promoting good American morals. And who deserves the credit for this shift in the job market?

That family values president, George W. Boob.


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