Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Weedy Downtown Out Of Whack

Anyone got a weed-whacker? It’s time to cut down unsightly plant growth. One would think the city - or at least business or property owners - would fight off the jungle.

Plattsburgh Pride: It’s All In The Details. So don’t whack off: whack weeds.


Anonymous said...

I have been appalled for the last several years at the lack of pride from business owners downtown. "Welcome to Plattsburgh" greets all of us with unsightly weeds, dirt, cigarette butts, and so much more. I am insulted that they don't care anymore about us coming down as people who will purchase items in their stores. Could everyone get together and set a clean and beautiful example for all of us to see and enjoy?????? It only takes a few minutes to sweep, pull the weeds and show your pride and caring for your own property and for those of us you would like to see come downtown to support your businesses. Thanks to those who do keep the storefronts clean and attractive, BUT they are few and far between. The plants on upper Bridge could use attention.....most areas show the attitude......"I don't care!!" Can we turn that around?

Anonymous said...

If we could only get the "offenders" who pull up all the flowers and destroy anything nice downtown to pull up all the weeds........we'd be doing better!!!
Could the Community Service workers possibly do more of this clean-up?

Luke T. Bush said...

Is there still community service for offenders? Or is it considered "cruel and unusual punishment" for a lawbreaker to clean up the mess he made?

As for the lack of attention downtown, the city has to take the lead. It can't make business and property owners make their locations spotless, but the city could lead by example. Look at the busted lights and ratty doors at City Hall. When the city doesn't do its part, an owner thinks, "Well, why should I bother?" And that attitude soon memes to other owners.

The minimum the city could do is gently prod business and property owners to help out.

Of course, the economy is a factor for some businesses. But when times are tough, it doesn't help when your storefront looks abandoned, being eaten up by weeds. People do judge a business by appearances. Every customer counts. You want to attract customers, not drive them away.