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Friday, August 17, 2007

Hedgewhacker Dan

A while back I ran a photo of a hedge blocking the sidewalk on Miller Street. The post mentioned how a previous Plattsburgh mayor had pledged to have all hedges trimmed back to allow unimpeded passage on city sidewalks.

As you can see from the above image, the hedge has been trimmed back so at least half of the sidewalk is open. Apparently former mayor Dan Stewart was visiting Plattsburgh recently and spurred on by my post, he personally took care of the offending obstruction.

This assumption is being made because Dan is a conscientious person, even though he has moved on to a cushy job in Albany. Also, as mayor, Dan liked to have trees cut down. He expressed disapproval of the trees across the street from City Hall because they blocked his view of Lake Champlain.

And then there was the tree in the park near the Federal Building that he wanted axed. But some citizens raised a stink and put Xmas lights on it one winter, thus saving the innocent tree from certain destruction.

So if Dan wants to make good on his promise to free Plattsburgh sidewalks from untrimmed hedges – and also to indulge in his proclivity for preying on plants – here’s another spot needing his personal attention on Cornelia Street:

Start whacking away, Dan!


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